Poland Primary School Adds in Technology

ēno has since been recognized within the school as a supporting solution for many things including organizational tasks the teacher normally has to labor over such as grading.

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Learning with all senses

Primary School No. 267 under the auspices of Juliusz Słowacki is located in Warsaw’s picturesque park in Żoliborz. It was built in 1968. The school places great emphasis on providing conditions not only for intellectual development but also physical and emotional development. Every child is treated as an individual with differing personalities, obstacles and gifts.

In total the school has 428 pupils, 205 girls and 223 boys.

The capabilities of interactive solutions were recognized at an early stage and were a clear fit for the school’s philosophy of individuality. ēno, PolyVision’s interactive whiteboard, was purchased firstly on the basis that it would help children understand difficult subjects as it could act on all the senses of a student not just on one. ēno has since been recognized within the school as a supporting solution for many things including organizational tasks the teacher normally has to labor over such as grading.

The school is currently building on the number of classrooms equipped with interactive technology. Currently, in order to maximize its benefits and give every student and teacher a chance to use the technology, a class sharing rota has been established.

The Challenge

With 428 students within a school, it is imperative to continually experiment with new ways of teaching and learning. The school wanted to explore what added values education technology solutions could offer without compromising on the cultivation of tradition, that the school has become known for.

The school also wanted to stay aligned with its mission; to teach and recognize each child as an individual and support the growth of the child in all areas not just intellect. Interactive solutions was one method that could complement and drive forward this mission.

The Solution

“The most remarkable benefit from a teacher’s perspective is time. He/she no longer has to scan worksheets or books and clumsily place them on an old heavy projector. Now teachers simply use whatever software they like on ēno.

Bordboek Plus, published by Van In is the most popular software we use on the interactive board. It’s crazy to think back on how each child would get lost about what page the teacher is on or what sum is being devised. All they now have to simply do is look at the interactive board and follow along with their own work book or better still interact with the board themselves,” commented Jos Jans.

The Benefit

Since PolyVision technology was implemented the use of ebooks in lessons has greatly increased. The most popular ebooks used for 1st grade include NOWA ERA and JUKA. For 4th-6th Grade WSIP and GWO are regularly showcased. This refreshed approach by teachers to lesson planning has had a great effect on the attention span of each student.

Although not all the teachers at this school are fluent in using interactive technology there is a great will to learn. This is a reflection on the importance educators place on technology in the classroom.

“We are on route to being a futuristic school; one that is open to new technologies and new ways of learning. PolyVision solutions have helped us get on this path. We will continue to embrace these solutions and integrate them with our long standing heritage and tradition,” commented Marek Zakrzewski M.Sc., Director of School No 267.

Primary School NB 267

Warsaw, Poland

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