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Explore Agile with Your Teams

Recently, the Steelcase Applied Research + Consulting team has focused on new capabilities specific to Agile. In true Agile fashion, the ARC team is prototyping and piloting along with customers. During the course of Steelcase’s learning, they have identified that companies seeking to be more Agile can benefit from a deeper exploration of five main areas.

Agile Assessment
Explore the extent to which the conditions within your work environment—culture, process, tools and space— are right for Agile to take hold and be successful.

The Emerging Role of Leadership in an Agile Environment
Clarify the expectations of Agile and guide leaders to the new leadership approaches that will be most critical.

Rituals Workshop
Define rituals and lead teams in ideating and developing approaches for leveraging new rituals within the group.

Agile Measurement Systems
Identify the ways that success with Agile will be measured and monitored as an engine for improvement and accountability.

The Evolving Role of Real Estate and Facilities
Identify the systems within the real estate and facilities group that will need to adjust in order to meet the new demands of internal customers seeking to accomplish Agile.

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