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Privacy Wall 

by Steelcase
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    Privacy Wall is a high performance, moveable wall that gives you the flexibility and modularity to accommodate today's needs, while also planning for the future.


    For Today + The Future
    Visual + Acoustical Privacy
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    For Today + The Future

    For Today + The Future

    Plan for Today + for the Future

    Teams in today’s more open environments need privacy that is immediately accessible to them. Privacy Wall and Privacy Wall GS allow you to meet these needs.

    • Move your walls to change with your changing needs.
    • Integrated, movable partition walls and the Architectural Solutions provide on demand flexibility in meeting your workspace’s future needs.

    Visual + Acoustical Privacy

    Visual + Acoustical Privacy

    Support Visual + Acoustical Privacy

    Redesigned, one-piece tracks create a cleaner aesthetic that allows large expanses of glass to run uninterrupted by frames.

    Glass panels, or solid panels with clerestory windows, allow you to choose the appropriate level of visual privacy.

    Steelcase offers 9 “graded” glass options in alliance with Bendheim, the largest provider of specialty glass in North America. The full range of Bendheim glass options and their varying levels of light transmission ensure both desired level of privacy and aesthetic look.

    Casper™ Cloaking Technology by Designtex can be added to glass walls to obscure digital screens to outside view while maintaining clear, open views that promote transparency in the workplace. Casper™ Cloaking Technology is an architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens to outside view.

    Learn more about Casper™ Cloaking Technology

    Signature Image

    Signature Image

    Create a Signature Image

    • Wide aesthetic range.

      Support your corporate image with options that range from painted steel, to fabric, to glass, and more.

    • Customization alternatives to address architectural direction.

      Custom match paints, fabrics, vinyl, glass and veneer.


    Significant Savings
    Stay Flexible
    Sustainable Solution

    Significant Savings

    Significant Savings

    Real Value

    Speed the schedule and shrink the budget. Privacy Wall saves up to 53% in costs and 29% in installation time compared to traditional construction. As a modular solution it also depreciates faster than drywall, so you see tax benefits sooner.

    Stay Flexible

    Stay Flexible

    As business needs evolve, Privacy Wall keeps performing. Unitized panels are easy to relocate and reconfigure to serve new purposes. It’s a solid investment in agility.
    o Create quiet places Even in the open office, people seek enclosed places to concentrate and collaborate. Privacy Wall solid panels can create rooms much quieter than most drywall applications, achieving STC ratings of 41 or 45.

    Sustainable Solution

    Sustainable Solution

    Made with 44% recycled content, Privacy Wall is also 63% recyclable and 100% reusable. Privacy Wall and related Steelcase Glass Selections are the first and only Cradle to Cradle™ Silver relocatable wall products and the only ones manufactured in North America. They are also SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified and can contribute to LEED certification.

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    Designing for Sustainability

    We create products that are good for people, and good for the world. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain.

    Our Sustainable Design framework ensures our products are designed with consideration of life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles:

    • Source materials responsibly
    • Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts
    • Ensure material health
    • Enable end-of-use strategies

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    Privacy Wall Product Environmental Profile


    Standard + Optional Features
    Global Availability

    Standard + Optional Features

    Standard + Optional Features

    Privacy Wall offers the following versions:

    Privacy Wall

    • Ceiling height
    • Solid wall panels
    • Clerestory wall panels
    • Glass panels
    • Doors
      • Full-height pivot and butt-hinged,
      • 7″ pivot and butt-hinged glass transom
      • Full-height slider
      • Full glass

    Privacy Wall

    • Solid steel construction
    • Painted frame with flush feature strip
    • Contains 30% recycled material, 90% recyclable at end of life

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    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Central America
    • South America
    • North America
    • Middle East
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