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With clean, purposeful design, Groupwork complements any workplace aesthetic, from conference rooms and training spaces, to cafes and lounges and every space in between.

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Working Together

Meetings like project kick-off’s, group reviews, working sessions and status updates are common in every organization. Designed for collaboration, Groupwork goes in any
conference setting to support the ways people work together.

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Impromptu Collaboration

Collaboration doesn’t always happen in meeting rooms. Sometimes it’s an Impromptu chat in the café or a quick touchbase in a lounge setting. Versatile and configurable, Groupwork supports collaboration wherever it’s happening.

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Continued Learning and Training

In thriving organizations, employee growth is essential, which means learning and training are never over. The flexibility and simplicity of Groupwork are ideal for company-wide training experiences in multipurpose settings.


Standard + Optional Features
Global Availability

Standard + Optional Features

Standard + Optional Features

Table SOL

Table Tops

  • Rectangular
  • Half-Round
  • Trapezoid
  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Corner Bridges

Conference Table Tops

  • Rectangular
  • Racetrack
  • Boat-Shaped
  • Oval

Legs + Bases

  • Post Legs (Coffee, Seated, Standing)
  • Round Table Bases (Coffee, Seated, Standing)
  • T-legs (Seated)

Screens + Panels

  • Fabric Modesty Panel
  • Laminate Modesty Panel
  • Translucent Table-Mounted Screens
  • Slatwall Table-Mounted Screens



All paints (no Lux or Accent)​

Modesty Panel​ - Laminate

Wire Management Trough
Paint - Black, Platinum Metallic

Training Tables SOL

  • Rectangle Flip-Top
  • Team Flip-Top
  • Rectangle Non-Flip
  • Team Non-Flip

Training Tables Options

  • Dimensions:
    Width (parametric to 1/16th inch)
    - Rectangle: 36” – 84”W
    - Team: 60” – 84”W
    - Rectangle: 19,” 24”, 30”​
    - Team: 36”D


  • Worksurface – Flush & Pop-Up
    - 3 Power, 2 Power/ 1 USB-A, 1 Power/ 1 USB-C, 2 Power/ 1 Data
  • Modular

Cable Management

  • Grommet
  • Vertical Cable Manager
  • Horizontal Cable Manager


LPL, HPL, Veneer

All paints including Lux and Accent​

Soft Casters
Light, Dark​

Modesty Panel​ - Fabric
Buzz2, Alloy, Billiard Multi-Use, Latch, Era

Worksurface Power
Flush (plastic) – Seagull, Merle
Pop-Up (metal) – Platinum Metallic, Seagull, Merle

Horizontal Cable Manager
Dark Heathered Grey PET​

Global Availability

Global Availability

This product is available in the following regions:

  • Central America
  • South America
  • North America
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