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  • Steelcase

    Answer Beam

    Answer beam helps bring down barriers, making traditional work settings more open, casual and social. The Answer beam supports worksurfaces, personal storage, and screens to create robust yet open personal workstations. ​

  • Steelcase

    Answer Fence

    Answer fence creates an open and light workspace, with desk barriers, that powers height-adjustable worksurfaces in flexible, real-estate efficient layouts. ​

  • Steelcase

    Answer Freestanding

    Answer Freestanding features desks, tables, storage units that create individual workstations, private offices and team spaces, all with a consistent aesthetic.

  • Steelcase


    Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) is designed for movement and transition, and creates a breadth of microzones that support the different types of work today’s leaders and their teams do every day—from deep concentration to broad collaboration.

  • Steelcase

    Steelcase Flex Collection

    The Steelcase Flex Collection empowers teams to create spaces that can be rearranged on demand, creating environments teams and individuals need to do their best work.

  • Steelcase


    The c:scape modular office workstation is a freestanding desking system with built-in office storage, perfect for both open plan and private offices.

  • Turnstone

    Tour Workspace

    Tour Bench by Turnstone makes collaboration and solo work easy, with built-in data routing, power, and available accessories like light and storage.

  • Steelcase


    Payback is the all-in-one casegood solution that works hard in any setting.

  • Steelcase


    Currency is a contemporary desk system designed to work as a stand-alone product or work with other systems.

  • Steelcase


    Walden offers contemporary styling interpreted in a clean, simple aesthetic and great value.

  • Steelcase Health


    Designed to support clinicians in action, Sync workstations facilitate collaboration between colleagues, connection to patients and access to the technologies and information vital to quality care.

  • Steelcase

    Post & Beam

    Post and Beam is an architectural framework that allows you to configure a range of work environments.

  • Steelcase

    Elective Elements

    Elective Elements is a freestanding office workstation designed to address the changing workspace requirements in today’s private and open-plan office environments.

  • Steelcase

    Answer Panel Systems

    Answer panels create spaces within the open floorplan that help your organization balance collaboration and privacy, support mobility and optimize real estate, through the broadest range of applications with flexibility to adapt as your organization’s needs shift. ​

  • Steelcase

    Kick Panel Systems

    Kick is a furniture system that offers simplicity through form, function and price to satisfy the demands of today's customer. Kick offers a range of applications to meet these challenges today, and the choices to adapt to the needs of tomorrow.

  • Steelcase


    FlexFrame workwall is designed to create high-performance workspaces — from private offices to open group settings. Configured with functional surfaces and modular components, FlexFrame brings together storage, organization and built-in technology.

  • Steelcase


    Context is a freestanding furniture system designed specifically to support knowledge work.