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A New Era of Work

A WorkCafé is a dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work, and their organization. It transforms traditional corporate cafeteria real estate into destinations for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation.

Design Elements
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Design a WorkCafé

A scalable, nurturing environment that’s indicative of an organization’s culture and brand, a WorkCafé is both a retreat and a place to engage. This ideabook offers solutions that will help you design a workplace where employees can choose the best place to work based on their preference and need.

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Key Elements: WorkCafé

Welcoming + Vibrant

Leverage design attributes that set a welcoming atmosphere and vibrant ambiance, reflecting the desired brand and culture.

Technology Integration

Allow any worker, as an individual or as a group, to work and meet at any place. Access to power, presentation devices, and Wi-Fi is key for success.

Hosting Characteristics

Hosting is ultimately about making employees feel connected to the organization, their work and each other.

Key Zones: WorkCafé

Social Zone
Specialty Zone
Nomadic Zone
Meeting Zone
Resource Zone

Social Zone

Social Zone

Social Zone

Building social networks by using nourishment to attract users throughout the organization, which increases opportunities for chance encounters and cross-pollination.

Social Zone planning ideas


Specialty Zone

Specialty Zone

Specialty Zone

Kitchen + dine: supporting workers with dining amenities and various food options.

Kitchen + Dine Zone planning ideas

Nomadic Zone

Nomadic Zone

Nomadic Zone

A welcoming space that supports a community of mobile workers who learn and share knowledge with each other.

Nomadic Zone planning ideas

Meeting Zone

Meeting Zone

Meeting Zone

Meeting Commons offers a system of spaces that promotes collaboration, both planned and spontaneous.

Meeting Zone planning ideas

Resource Zone

Resource Zone

Resource Center

An environment that offers work amenities as well as personalized assistance.

Resource Zone planning ideas

Planning Ideas + Inspiration

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Browse, save, and download these WorkCafé planning ideas for use in your project.

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Photo Library

View this collection of WorkCafé images and visualize how these spaces can come to life.

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