A centrally located social space allows multiple teams and individuals to gather, socialize, grab a cup of espresso, have a casual meeting or focus alone together. An integrated display can host company-wide information or show available spaces. The Migration SE Height-Adjustable Meeting Table can be used to focus alone together or have a casual meeting by using the Flex Media Cart. Pairing this table with stackable chairs gives the user choice and control over the amount of people using the space. Furthermore, by putting all of them away, the table could be raised and used for hosting purposes, like client visits or after office events. On the other side, Viccarbe Savina Lounge has a soft, relaxed posture and pairs well with personal tables that can support drinks, personal belongings, or the occasional laptop, which can be plugged in to Savina’s integrated power outlets when catching up on emails. Adding Flex Active Frames serves as shielding for those users using the sofa while also providing open and enclosed storage.

Products Quadra, Migration SE Height-Adjustable Meeting Table, Island, Steelcase Flex Media Cart, Steelcase Flex Active Frames, Truchet Acoustic Tiles, Vari, Steelcase Flex Accessories, Free Stand
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