Hybrid Work

New Hybrid Work Research

Global research uncovers what people value now and what has to change.

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About the Report

What matters more in the office now than pre-pandemic? Would people choose an assigned desk or more remote work? New Steelcase global research explores what people need and expect in today’s era of hybrid work.

New insights from nearly 5,000 employees in 11 countries provide you with a rich understanding of how work is fundamentally changing and why the workplace needs a new source of inspiration — community.

Included Inside:

  • 5 Needs and Expectations People Have Now
  • 3 Key Global Research Findings
  • Country-by-Country Data
  • Building Hybrid Neighborhoods
  • Creating Community at Work

What People Need and Expect Now

Last year, Steelcase research revealed people want a dramatically different and better work experience. This research reaffirms the importance of the office and reveals whether people like or dislike their office makes a difference: People who like working from their office are significantly more engaged and productive, connected to their company’s culture and less likely to leave.

The research identified five critical employee needs that when addressed, will improve how they feel about their company:

  • Belonging
  • Control
  • Productivity
  • Comfort
  • Safety

Key Findings

This new research reaffirms the importance of the office and reveals three key findings.
By addressing these findings, organizations have an opportunity to focus on the things that really matter, and make changes to their workplaces that will have the greatest impact on their people and their business.

The new Global Report explores how the workplace needs to change to earn people’s commute at work.

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