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Partito Wall brings structure to open areas and offers support for the different types of task carried out during the working day. This flexible and ingenious system optimises the use of square meters.

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Partito Wall and Screen
Partito – A framework for success
Partito Wall

Partito Wall and Screen

Partito Wall and Screen

Create an Effective, Open-Plan Layout With Remarkable Ease

With their contemporary design, amazing flexibility and wide variety of connection possibilities, Partito Walls and Screens together optimise valuable square metres and promote harmony between people and their direct environment. Space needs structure. Partito supplies it.

Partito – A framework for success

Partito – A framework for success

The Partito system supports the many different types of activities that take place every day in the office.

You can create areas that make it easy for people to work together, or that help them to concentrate and function independently. You can also facilitate communication, create the right ambience for learning and even help in the decision-making process. Partito Walls and Screens are simple to integrate into all our desks, creating a modern and attractive framework.


Partito Wall

Partito Wall

An ingeniously straightforward way of partitioning a room without sacrificing any precious floor space. In addition, clever cable management makes data and power distribution virtually invisible, while acoustic absorption means effective soundproofing.


Partito – Brings structure to space

Since time immemorial, people have had an inbuilt need for their own personal space. In today’s office environment, the situation is no different. That’s why Steelcase created Partito, a flexible and ingenious system that optimises the way in which those valuable square metres are divided up.

Partito brings structure to open areas and offers support for the many different types of tasks carried out during the working day.

Balancing Communication and + Concentration

On average, 80% of your working time is spent with someone else. Partito is designed to enhance communication by encouraging and facilitating contact with others. Studies reveal that most innovations occur through working with someone else. Partito gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Additionally, everyone has to be able to concentrate. Partito contributes to business performance by giving people the peace and space they need to think clearly and work decisively.

The Backbone of Your Office

People can spend 30 minutes of each working day searching for information. Partito helps you organise better and find what you need quicker.

Add-ons like paper trays and binder holders – at whatever height you find most convenient – make many daily tasks go a lot smoother.

Planning Ideas


Convenient spaces for nomads who need to focus on individual task work. Here they have room to array their materials


Dedicated resident spaces for users who spend longer periods at focused task work. Screens and boundary storage provide added privacy.


This resident work area provides individual privacy while fostering connection and collaboration that helps build the group’s spirit. Each workspace


Options + Dimensions
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Options + Dimensions

Options + Dimensions

Main Options

  • Available in many dimensions and multiple configurations
  • Available in 2 frame thicknesses, 2 infill thicknesses, and several different infill options.
  • Available in fabric, fabric  acoustic, wood veneer, melamine or acrylic.

Global Availability

Global Availability

This product is available in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Middle East
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