Connecting hub

Connecting Hub allows quick and easy access to data, power and technology networks. Connecting hub enhances mobile work and hot desking.


Connections at hand reach

Connections at hand reach

Connections at hand reach

  • This modular unit can meet all technology needs while complying with B55733 BSI standards.
  • Its 360 possible configurations make it adaptable to all user needs: Euro plug with French/Belgium and Schuko sockets, Swiss sockets and UK sockets, Data RJ45, USB, Audio stereo 3.5 mm, Video VGA.
  • Its diverse fixing options are field replaceable, saving time and money on installation/reconfiguration.
  • Different fixing options are available: c-clamp, slatwall and integrated rail.

Planning Ideas


This area provides spaces where workers can find focus. Ergonomic seating with height-adjustable tables supports a range of postures, allowing


A place where nomadic workers can focus on individual tasks with minimal interruption, especially when enclosed. Ology Bench height adjustable tables


A perfect space for mobile workers for either focused work or collaboration with others. Height adjustable desks allow users to


Dedicated resident space for users who spend longer periods at focused task work. Screen and persoanl storage provide added visual


This workspace for co-located teams supports both individual focus and collaborative work thanks to the screens for privacy and to


Convenient spaces for nomads who need to focus on individual task work. Here they have room to array their materials


When silence is paramount, this library environment gives workers a place to quietly focus on individual tasks.


This area provides spaces where workers can find focus. Ergonomic seating with height-adjustable tables support a range of postures, allowing

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  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East
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