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    A perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments, the Leap office chair delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes.


    Leap, the New Way of Sitting
    A More Productive Office
    Leap Your Own Way
    Seat Adjustments

    Leap, the New Way of Sitting

    Leap, the New Way of Sitting

    Leap incorporates a number of unique ergonomic features as a direct result of our user research discoveries.These features help make Leap as dynamic and supple as the human spine.

    Benefits + Features

    • The flexible backrest ensures that the back is always fully supported.
    • The separate upper and lower back controls can be adjusted to provide full support to any user.
    • The dynamic seat takes the pressure off the lumbar vertebrae when reclining.
    • The optional headrest relieves pressure in the neck.

    A More Productive Office

    A More Productive Office

    A More Productive Office

    Leap is proven to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and increase productivity at work. People using it report significantly less back pain and discomfort, and their musculoskeletal symptoms are lower than those of people not using Leap.

    That’s why Leap is the high-performance chair that sets you free to be a star performer.

    Leap Your Own Way

    Leap Your Own Way

    Just about every aspect of Leap is fully adjustable so you can configure it to your personal workstyle.

    • The settings allow very precise adjustments to suit even the most demanding user.
    • Diagrams and an explanation of how to use each adjustment are available under the chair’s right armrest

    Seat Adjustments

    Seat Adjustments


    Leap adapts cleverly to your natural movements and has simple controls that are easy to find, understand and use.

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    The Steelcase Seating Difference

    At Steelcase, we study how you work and how you feel. You inspire new seating solutions, each expressed with uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.

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    The Science of Sitting
    Increase in Productivity

    The Science of Sitting

    The Science of Sitting

    A Unique Medical Study

    At Steelcase, we constantly invest in user research as part of our product design process. Leap was inspired by four key discoveries revealed in a unique global medical study we conducted over four years with 732 users.


    • The spine doesn’t move as a single unit.
    • Each individual’s spinal motion is unique.
    • The upper and lower back regions require different amounts and different kinds of support.
    • When you lean backwards, your pelvis moves forward.

    Increase in Productivity

    Increase in Productivity

    Jump in Productivity by 17.8%

    In an office user study with 200 people, those participants who received both a Leap chair and office ergonomics training greatly reduced their absenteeism and their back pain, and as a consequence, directly increased their productivity in one year. That meant each Leap chair paid for itself in less than 10 days.

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    Designing for Sustainability

    We create products that are good for people, and good for the world. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain.
    Our Sustainable Design framework ensures our products are designed with consideration of life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles:

    • Source materials responsibly
    • Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts
    • Ensure material health
    • Enable end-of-use strategies

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    Leap sustainability information


    Options + Dimensions
    Global Availability

    Options + Dimensions

    Options + Dimensions

    Main options

    • Task chair – headrest available in option
    • Executive task chair – headrest available in option
    • Task chair 24/7 with a highly resistant fabric – headrest available in option
    • Task chair Leap Plus for users weighing up to 230Kg

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

    This product is available in the following regions:

    • Africa
    • Asia Pacific
    • Central America
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • North America
    • South America
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