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    Bivi desk system stands out in the workplace. Its modular design and many accessories bring a sense of startup culture to any workplace.


    Bivi Bundles


    Bivi’s mix-and-match capabilities provide an endless range of personalization, but sometimes the best option for your team is the simplest. For those who want a quickly deployable space, we’re bringing Bivi’s best-selling applications to you in three easy steps.

    1. Choose your bundle
    2. Pick your size and finishes
    3. Order your bundle

    Available now as single style numbers, Bivi Team Bundles provide the options, not the leg work.

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    Design Story

    Bivi reminds us that all is possible, and that the office writes its own story. It’s invited to blur the lines between work and home with bold brush strokes and inspired, honest design.


    Sit + Stand
    Lounge + Privacy
    Choice + Control



    Modern Style. Simple Modularity. Increased Collaboration.

    Bivi incorporates a variety of postures and provides privacy and ergonomics in the workplace with the turn of a single tool. Its insight-led design offers sitting, standing and lounge options in one collection, and allows to do more with less.



    Reject the Sea of Sameness

    Whether splashed in the color of the year or drenched in black, Bivi serves as an unprecedented framework for everyone’s imagination. And with a full range of surface materials, hundreds of fabrics and new finishes available, Bivi redefines today’s workplace with effortless, modern office furniture.

    Sit + Stand

    Sit + Stand

    Bivi and gesture chairs Open image tooltip


    Working in traditional seated posture is a classic way to attack the day.

    Bivi high table Open image tooltip


    Stand up to get down to work, or gather the team around for impromptu meetings.

    Lounge + Privacy

    Lounge + Privacy

    bivi family Open image tooltip


    Rumble seat brings the unique feature of an integrated sofa to a benching solution.

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    Privacy + Focus Zones

    Heads down work demands careful attention without distractions.

    Bivi’s Privacy Screens and Arch Infills create visual boundaries to stay focused and productive.

    Choice + Control

    Choice + Control

    Bivi delivers true control to the user, from postures to surface materials and finishes, all while preserving the agility needed to quickly pivot, iterate and adjust in fast-moving environments.


    Global Availability



    • Bivi footshelf
    • Bivi bottom shelf
    • Bivi trunk
    • Bivi rumble seat
    • Bivi screens
    • Bivi arch infill
    • Bivi table shelf
    • Bivi canopy
    • Bivi bike hook
    • Bivi board rack
    • Bivi organizer

    Global Availability

    Global Availability

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