Ology Bench

by Steelcase
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Ology bench adds the benefits of height-adjustability to a wide range of benching applications, improving users wellbeing while maximising real estate.


Space Optimised




In any workplace, the bottom line is the health and wellbeing of its workers. A health-conscious workplace protects the company’s most significant investment and ensures the greatest productivity, efficiency, and innovation possible.

Ology Bench supports the physiology and biology of workers to make the workplace a more health-conscious environment.

Active Touch reminds users to change posture with Active Motion: subtle desk movements that encourage users to move throughout the day. Users can create a profile with preset desk heights and preferred intervals of sitting and standing.



Improving the physiology of work

Ology height-adjustable bench makes it easy to change worksurface height and posture, and its convenient, intuitive controls encourage more health-conscious behaviors.

The geometric H-shape of the side frame provides a clean desk aesthetics, without boundaries between workstations.

Adjust the worksurface to any height or to one of four programmed heights, including a comfortable standing collaboration height.

Simple Touch allows for intuitive adjustments, enabling workers to quickly and quietly change postures by tapping the controller in the direction they’d like the desk to move. Available in antimicrobial surfaces to support a more health-conscious environment.



Ergonomics Tailored to Individual Needs

Ology is available with an integrated rail that supports space division, lighting, power and worktools, which can all be customised to meet the specific needs and workstyles of the user.

An optional soft edge profile helps to:

  • significantly reduce unhealthy pressure on forearms, and
  • reduce feelings of shoulder and neck fatigue.

Ology worksurface with soft edge profile.



Biology to Benefit Worklpace Wellbeing

Microbes populate the desktop, and 80% of infections can be transmitted by touch. Ology is available with a naturally sourced and highly efficient antimicrobial protection, molded into desk components.

This durable and long-lasting protection for the most frequently touched areas of the worksurface supports the wellbeing of each and every user of Ology.

Space Optimised

Space Optimised

Ology Bench can be easily reconfigured and facilitates efficient space planning.

The central cable trough allows convenient and discreet cable management for facility managers.

A height-adjustable desk assistant

Users spend a significant portion of their lifes at work — often sitting for hours at a time, every day. Steelcase developed the Rise app, making it simple for workers to take workplace wellbeing into their own hands.

When users connect their Rise app to any compatible desk, the saved settings are automatically applied, saving users time and headspace, no matter which office building or campus they are working at. With posture and activity tracking and an option to set movement reminders throughout the day, workers will experience healthier, happier and more productive days at work.

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Workplace Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a dual challenge. Effects on user physiology and biology may result in increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, chronic disability and a decline in organizational performance.

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People are simply not moving enough throughout their workday. In fact, adults are sitting 50-70% of the time. This sedentary workstyle poses long-term physical challenges, from back and neck pain to repetitive stress injuries.

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72% of Workers Report to Work When Sick.

Workers are also increasingly mobile, sharing desks, collaborating constantly and exposed to the millions of microbes on office worksurfaces.



Ology: Designing a Desk Wellbeing

Ology is an important part of an environment that embraces a Palette of Posture and Place. Workers should move between postures, including standing postures. And they need a desk that will allow them to do that. Ology is a wellbeing partner and contributes to a health-conscious work environment.

How antimicrobial properties make a health-conscious workplace

Due to mobility of workers, desks are more and more shared. Steelcase believes that antimicrobial technologies can help and has equipped its new desk Ology with an advanced antimicrobial technology on the most touched points on the desk surface.


Life Cycle
LEED Contribution



Designing for Sustainability

We believe the only way to provide the best office furniture solutions is to ensure they’re the best products for the environment. That’s why every step of the way – through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycle – we consider the impact of our work on people and on the environment and uncover opportunities to make things better.

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50 %

Up to

recycled content by weight

99 %

Up to

recyclable by weight

Life Cycle

Life Cycle


Up to 50% recycled materials, by weight (30% pre-consumer  + 20% post-consumer). Wood from European sustainably managed forests. Materials chemistry assessment throughout their lifecycle. 100% recycled cardboard.


Made by Steelcase in Madrid (ES) and Rosenheim (DE).


Made in Europe, close to customers. Optimised packaging to keep transport volumes as low as possible and improve filling rates.


Designed for a long product life, with replaceable parts. Materials meet stringent health and indoor air quality criteria. Maintenance information available upon request.


99% theoretically recyclable by weight. 100% theoretically recyclable cardboard and LDPE film  for packaging.Quick and easy disassembly. Plastic parts clearly labelled for easy sorting and effective  recycling. Designed to encourage responsible end of use strategies –  refurbishing, charitable donation or recycling.

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LEED Contribution

LEED Contribution

Steelcase supports the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification system with products that can contribute to LEED Building Design + Construction (BD&C), LEED Interior Design + Construction (ID&C), or LEED Operations + Maintenance (O&M) certification criteria.

Since the USGBC and its certification partner, GBCI, evaluate each project individually, the role our products play in achieving LEED certification is unique to each project.

Ology Bench LEED Contribution

Ology may contribute in the following areas: •

  • Recycled content
  • Materials reuse
  • Regional materials
  • Low-emitting materials
  • Interior life cycle impact reduction
  • Environmental Product Declarations

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Certifications can help you choose products that are environmentally sustainable and just right for your project. Ology has achieved the following certifications:

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

PEP – Product Environmental Profile

NF Environnement

NF Office Excellence Certifié

Blauer Engel

Indoor Advantage Gold

Cradle-to-Cradle Certified™ Bronze

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Options + Dimensions
Global Availability

Options + Dimensions

Options + Dimensions

Ology is available with

  • an integrated rail that supports space division, lighting, power and worktools
  • two user interface options:
    • an intuitive user interface
    • a programmable user interface that includes a quick collaboration button to automatically adjust the height of the worksurface to a comfortable standing-height position.

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Global Availability

Global Availability

This product is available in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Middle East
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