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  • Steelcase

    Steelcase Flex Height-Adjustable Desk

    The Steelcase Flex Height-Adjustable Desk is a high-performing solution that supports mobility, wellbeing and technology integration.

  • Steelcase


    Ology height-adjustable desks support the physiology and biology of workers and encourage a more health-conscious environment.

  • Steelcase


    Bivi desk system stands out in the workplace. Its modular design and many accessories bring a sense of startup culture to any workplace.

  • Steelcase


    Migration height-adjustable desk/bench allows users to transition from seated to standing height postures throughout the day, stimulating mental and physical activity.

  • Steelcase

    Migration SE

    Migration SE is a height-adjustable solution that gives workers the freedom to choose between postures. Available in desk and bench versions to support a multitude of applications and work modes.

  • Steelcase

    Activa Desk

    The Activa and Activa Lift 2 desks are highly ergonomic and offer different height-adjustable versions in a single design. Its modular construction allows very easy assembly and reconfiguration.