Steelcase Rise

by Steelcase

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Steelcase Rise syncs with height-adjustable desks and benches featuring Active Touch controllers for personalized wellbeing in the workplace.

How It Works


Rise. For a better day at work.


You spend a significant portion of your life at work—often sitting for hours at a time, every day. So Steelcase developed the Rise app, making it simple to take workplace wellbeing into your own hands.

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Rise + Ology


Every aspect of Ology height-adjustable desks and benches was designed to promote movement and wellbeing. And now, together, Rise and Ology with Active Touch are equipping you with an even simpler, smarter way to own your wellness at work.

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Your Privacy

The Rise app doesn’t collect, store or share any personal or desk information with your company, Steelcase or others. It’s your device, your app and your information—no one else’s.

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