Bringing the Startup Culture into the Office: Steelcase presents Bivi

Steelcase introduces Bivi, a new, configurable desking system – now available in EMEA – featuring a unique design that can bring the startup culture into any workplace. More than just a desk, the innovative desking solution supports change within organisations.

“Bivi is designed to be the most reconfigurable, most adaptable system of its kind allowing people to celebrate their individuality and independence. It’s not just a desk, it’s a team table, a place to sit, a bike rack and so much more… Ultimately, it’s both a brand and a personal statement” says Alessandro Centrone, Vice President Marketing EMEA.

Bivi reflects the culture we saw in our research on startups. Inspired by their authenticity, transparency and laid back atmosphere we developed a product that is as diverse as our customers are”, explains Mark McKenna, Design Director at turnstone.



Bivi – more than just a desk

Bivi’s design follows a modular concept. The elegant desking system can be individually adapted to the needs of its users or entire organisations. The ergonomic desk allows users to easily alternate between seated and standing height, promoting movement in the workplace. Its privacy screens and arch infills create visual boundaries for focused work, while a variety of colour and material options allow companies to make a statement or to seamlessly integrate the desking system into existing work environments.

But the innovation is also in the features: an integrated sofa; arches that support canopies, mountain bikes, and skateboards. And, yes, there’s integrated storage.

Years of experience and intense research paved the way for Bivi’s development. The designers were inspired to create a flexible and easily configurable product that fosters agility and wellbeing by offering its users choice and control over where and how they work.

Tracing the startup culture

Before developing Bivi, Steelcase and turnstone researchers visited some of the most admired small business to see what made them great – and what keeps them that way. The researchers found several common themes: employees had the freedom to be themselves, they were passionate and their sense of community allowed them to feel a part of something bigger.

The chameleon of desks, Bivi adjusts to its environment and sparks this kind of culture in every office.


Bivi is now available through the Steelcase dealer network throughout EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). A basic configuration for four people with screens, a tall arch and a canopy starts at 3,800 € (list price).

Find more information on the Bivi product page.