More than Storage

Our storage solutions provide added peace of mind in today’s hybrid environment. Our modern office lockers keep belongings safe and foster a sense of ownership. Practical, versatile, and designed with the user in mind, they empower people and organizations to do their best work.


Intuitive Locker Storage Solutions for Today's Workplace

Today, work lockers do so much more than storage. As people have changing needs throughout the day, they want a safe place for their personal belongings and convenient access to tools as they focus on their work. ​

But modern locker storage solutions also serve multiple purposes within a floor plan, acting as team boundaries, providing a sense of belonging and solidifying team ownership. They foster collaboration, provide space division, and encourage short breaks, helping create vibrant workplace neighborhoods.​

A Variety of Choices for any Office

Our office locker collection is designed to satisfy anyone’s storage needs, whether they are visitors, work predominantly from the office, or somewhere in between. Different locker sizes and configurations enable organizations to build the most suitable solution, while employee well-being and productivity are further supported by adding planters, open bookshelves, wardrobes, whiteboards, and low-height units.

Find the Right Locker Solution for Your Space

Discover the Worker Personas

Discover the Worker Personas

Steelcase identified 3 main worker typologies
and the distinct solutions they require.