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Wie eine nutzerorientierte Gestaltung das Lernen und das Wachstum fördert

LINC Munich

The culture of any company includes not only behaviors but also the working environment.

In the face of global competition and the omnipresent confounding factors, it is clear that the world is changing, at a rapid pace. But it is also clear that companies need growth-oriented thinking in order to foster innovation – for example, by becoming more agile, promoting continuous learning, and adapting quickly to today’s opportunities.

But even if change is always difficult, companies need ways to boost that change. Managers have some opportunities to accelerate this process. Workplaces shape people’s behavior and ultimately can contribute to changes in corporate culture. Designing jobs can accelerate innovation by creating spaces that help people take risks, experiment and learn as much from non-functioning things as they do from functioning ones. The recently opened Steelcase Learning + Innovation Center (LINC) in Munich is designed as a hub in the company’s global network and as part of an innovation concept that connects geographically dispersed innovation teams. It is an inspiring and powerful place, based on an understanding of how learning, creativity and innovation are interconnected. At the same time, it shows how the working environment of people can lead to cultural change when it promotes new behaviors.

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The LINC serves as a kind of incubator where employees can build stronger collaborative networks and collaborate more effectively with their colleagues around the world.

“For a business to drive innovation and growth, its people need to continually share ideas and learn from each other – in real time, in person and across all locations,” said Jim Keane, President and CEO of Steelcase. “This often requires fundamental changes in their way of interacting and networking so that ideas and information can flow freely in the end. By bringing people together and supporting more collaborative and creative ways of working, jobs can help create a sense of community and agility and consensus. This promotes innovation and creates added value. “

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