People + Planet

Shaping Our Collective Future

A note from Sara Armbruster on our commitment to caring for people and the planet

We are proud to continue our longstanding commitment to protect the planet, treat people with dignity and respect and do the right thing. Although the world faces continued challenges, we’ve seen people in our company and around the world come together to innovate, achieve greater diversity and inclusion and take significant steps to combat climate change. This gives me hope and strengthens my commitment to the work we’re doing to create lasting change.

We believe business has an essential role to play in shaping our collective future, and our 2022 Impact Report shares the many ways Steelcase positively impacts our communities.

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Learn more about how we are helping the world work better by downloading the 2022 Steelcase Impact Report.


Protecting the Planet
We’re delivering on our environmental commitments by:

  • Expanding our sustainable product design commitment to include a greater focus on circular design and reducing life cycle embodied carbon
  • Continuing our commitment to use safer materials and reduce waste by taking the industry lead in the number of BIFMA LEVEL. certified products
  • Reducing absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Steelcase-owned facilities through greater energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy planning
  • Engaging our supply chain partners in GHG emissions reduction efforts by educating, assisting and requesting they set their own GHG emissions reduction targets

Helping People Thrive
We’re extending our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) focus throughout our value chain by:

  • Expanding and tracking our efforts to increase business with diverse suppliers
  • Developing and sharing DEI resources to improve diversity, equity and inclusion within our dealer community
  • Partnering with local organizations to foster equity and inclusion in the communities where we live and work, around the world

And internally we are:

  • Increasing diversity representation by building new hiring pipelines and practices
  • Growing development opportunities for people to advance their careers
  • Actively nurturing a culture of inclusion

Sustaining a Culture of Trust + Integrity
We’re driving ethical business outcomes and helping people make the right decisions by:

  • Ensuring our employees are trained in Steelcase’s Global Business Standards to foster a culture of integrity
  • Offering leadership training and ongoing coaching to ensure leaders empower their teams and individual contributors so they can do their best work
  • Setting expectations with suppliers and holding them accountable for treating their employees equitably and justly

We believe a better world starts with each of us listening, learning and committing to doing better. We’re proud of the progress we’re making and the recognition we’re earning as a result. We know there are still many opportunities to push boundaries, pursue bold goals and drive more value for more people in more places. And we’re ready to strive for better.

Thank you,
Sara Armbruster
President and CEO

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