Adaptable Exam Room

Version A: This examination concept allows for a smaller footprint while maintaining proper care and clinical treatment.​

Clinical staff can easily move items around, allowing them to take their work outside ​the exam space and easily​ charge technology.

This concept allows ample space for the clinician to perform the examination.​

Some room designs are planned to incorporate a bulkhead and Convey offers an integrated and clean component that finishes the area between the top of the upper cabinet and the soffit.

Products in this application:

Steelcase Health Convey Modular Casework Steelcase Health Surround Steelcase Health Empath Recliner Steelcase Health Verge Stool Steelcase Health Accessories Pocket Mobile Cart

Foot Print:

83 sq ft

Products Convey Modular Casework, Surround Lounge, Empath, Pocket, Verge
Setting Type:
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