Plan a project or chat about what’s holding things back by putting your ideas on display. Easy access to whiteboards encourage active ideation while staying engaged with the energy of the surrounding office.

Products in this application:

Orangebox Border Border 2-Seat High Bench, with Table, Move Stool, Mackinac Foundation + Tower, PolyVision Mobile Markerboards, PolyVision Accessories: Collaborative Toolbar, Moooi Celestial Round Rug, Urban Tree Block Side Table in Pine, Urban Tree Core Side Table in Maple, Bludot- Delicious large tray, Bludot-Eeny Meeny Miny trays, Bludot- Flange small bowl, SOTO tool box


220 sq ft

Products Celestial, Collaborative ToolBar, Border, Mackinac, Move
Setting Types:
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Move; Stool, Upholstered back, No arms, Glides 490710U
490710U 2 $700.00 $1,400.00
SOTO; Tool box DSTB
DSTB 1 $38.00 $38.00
SOTO; Tool box DSTB
DSTB 1 $38.00 $38.00
Stting-Fndation,No wrksf MCKFNWS
MCKFNWS 1 $10,158.00 $10,158.00
Shroud-Twr,Full lgth MCKUTSFL
MCKUTSFL 1 $800.00 $800.00
Shroud-Twr,Half lngth MCKUTSHL
MCKUTSHL 1 $600.00 $600.00
Shroud-Twr,Half lngth,Upr sction MCKUTSUHL
MCKUTSUHL 1 $600.00 $600.00
Petal Ginger Jar MGBAC12325VAS
MGBAC12325VAS 1 $65.00 $65.00
Celestial Round MI2150013
MI2150013 1 $3,220.00 $3,220.00
Border;2 seat-Hi,Tbl,32Dia OBBORDER05
OBBORDER05 1 $7,074.00 $7,074.00
Whtbd,Mbl,Dual sided,a3 ceramic stl PVMBSTND
PVMBSTND 2 $875.00 $1,750.00
Toolbar-Collab PVTOOLBAR
PVTOOLBAR 1 $150.00 $150.00
Bird on Reed RS2RS001
RS2RS001 1 $475.00 $475.00
Block Side Table URTUT008
URTUT008 1 $850.00 $850.00
Core Side Table URTUT009
URTUT009 1 $1,400.00 $1,400.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $28,618.00