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Note: finishes shown are not standard planning ideas finishes and therefore may result in a higher list price.


180 sq ft

Products in this application:

Collet Rug, Coalesse Mediaboard, NeedWant Shelving, FrameOne Counter, Trace Pendant Light, Common Leather Sling Stool, Clutch Dining Chair


Products Fucsia Pendant Lights, Collet Rug, Clutch Dining Chair, NeedWant Shelving, Common Leather Sling Stool, Exponents Whiteboard and Mobile Display
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Clutch Dining Chair BD1CC1CLUTCH
BD1CC1CLUTCH 3 $549.00 $1,647.00
Common Leather Sling Stool BD1CM1STL
BD1CM1STL 3 $399.00 $1,197.00
NeedWant Shelving BD1NW1SHLVNG
BD1NW1SHLVNG 1 $2,299.00 $2,299.00
Trace 2 Pendant Lamp BD1TC1TRPEN2
BD1TC1TRPEN2 3 $199.00 $597.00
Trace 3 Pendant Lamp BD1TC1TRPEN3
BD1TC1TRPEN3 3 $199.00 $597.00
Trace 4 Pendant Light BD1TC1TRPEN4
BD1TC1TRPEN4 3 $299.00 $897.00
Coalesse; Maintenance service 1 year-Mediaboard COC1MBWMS
COC1MBWMS 1 $18,857.00 $18,857.00
Base-Dual sided, Continuous top, 24D x 60W FMBDC2460
FMBDC2460 1 $3,139.00 $3,139.00
End counter-Straight, 18D x 48W FMCS1848
FMCS1848 2 $1,048.00 $2,096.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $31,326.00