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Glass Selections creates sleek spaces with anodized aluminum frames for a slim profile and luminous look. This modular solution is made for fast and easy planning, installation and reconfiguration.

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Make It Yours

Glass Selections works with a range of glass types, including tempered and laminated glass. Add Casper™ Cloaking Technology to obscure digital screens while maintaining clear, open views.

Available with butt glazing, Glass Selections can create frameless corners and virtually seamless glass expanses – up to 10 feet high and 12 feet long.

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Significant Savings

Speed the schedule and shrink the budget. Glass Selections saves up to 16% in costs and 25% in installation time compared to traditional construction. As a modular solution it also depreciates faster than drywall, so you see tax benefits sooner.

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Sustainable Solution

Made with 44% recycled content, Glass Selections is also 63% recyclable and 100% reusable. Glass Selections and related Steelcase Privacy Wall are the first and only Cradle to Cradle™ Silver relocatable wall products and the only ones manufactured in North America.


Product Range
Standard + Optional Features

Product Range

Product Range

  • Ceiling height
  • Glass panels
  • Two divided lite panels
  • Clerestory wall panels
  • Butt glazed
  • Doors
    • Full-height pivot-hinged,
    • 7′ pivot-hinged glass transom
    • Full-height slider
    • Full glass

Standard + Optional Features

Standard + Optional Features

  • Anodized aluminum frame construction
  • Reflects Post and Beam profile
  • Can span up to 10’ without additional vertical support
  • Panels are factory glazed
  • Unique corner unit with dry butt-glaze feature

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