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by Steelcase

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    Everwall is a prefabricated wall system offering the right balance of acoustic performance, aesthetic options and price. It combines design freedom with one of the fastest installations in the industry to delight both designers and installers.

    Ever Fast.
    Ever Flexible.

    Everwall offers one of the fastest install times in the industry. Its hybrid-unitized design is the basis for an intuitive and predictable installation.

    Simple to reconfigure or relocate, Everwall allows spaces to transform – from enclaves to meeting rooms to private offices – and back again – all while using the same kit of reusable parts.

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    Ever Better

    Designed to deliver a better experience for people who work with it - and in it - Everwall comes with the reliability, confidence and outcome you expect from Steelcase.

    With key support measures throughout all project phases - from design to installation - Everwall’s easy to use spec tools, faster lead times and real-time support ensures flawless execution and a problem-free installation.

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