On the QT 

by Orangebox

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    Connect in privacy, carry out focused work or simply think for a while, On the QT phone booths strive to strike the balance between the need for efficient space and workable comfort.

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    Designing On the QT

    Unique Design

    At Orangebox, we think happiness and productivity should go hand in hand. With advanced ventilation, a unique “kink” shape and seated or standing options, On the Qt’s small office footprint makes a big impact.

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    Keep It Flexible

    Arrange On the QT in your space:

    • Grouped-together short booths specified with a whiteboard create a space that’s usable inside and out
    • Rows of booths can create space division and architectural structure
    • Booths can be used anywhere to create instant privacy

    Product Features

    Style Options

    On the Qt Options

    For phone booths, left hinged (LH) and right hinged (RH) are determined by the location of the door hinge when entering the booth.

    Short Angled Phone Booth (Left-Hinged Opening)
    H75'', W48'', D40''

    Short Angled Phone Booth (Right-Hinged Opening)
    H75'', W48'', D40''

    Tall Angled Phone Booth (Left-Hinged Opening)
    H87'', W48'', D40''

    Tall Angled Phone Booth (Right-Hinged Opening)
    H87'', W48'', D40''

    On the Qt Seat Options

    For Seating units, left hand (LH) and right hand (RH) refers to the position of the armrest when sitting.

    Seat Unit for QT01 (LH Seat Unit)
    H32'', SH19'', W35'', D25''

    Seat Unit for QT02 (RH Seat Unit)
    H32'', SH19'', W35'', D25''

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    Designing for Sustainability

    We create products that are good for people, and good for the world. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain.
    Our Sustainable Design framework ensures our products are designed with consideration of life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles:

    • Source materials responsibly
    • Minimize global warming and other life cycle impacts
    • Ensure material health
    • Enable end-of-use strategies

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    On the QT Product Environmental Profile