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    In streets and squares, in gardens or on balconies, positioned against an outside or a garden wall: Hopper Bench fits any location. Because of its two pass through zones, you can easily slide in from the sides. Tired of the view, and having a backrest sounds good? Turn around and sit facing the other way, the thick tabletop with its slanted edge will provide you with some support.

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    The Hopper picnic table from Extremis clearly bears resembles to the traditional picnic tables everybody knows, but as is typical of Extremis it offers extra comfort. The four pass through zones make it easy to get in and out of Hopper without having to lift your leg over the bench or disturbing your table-companions. Its slanted legs and tabletop edges are a clear reference to the hop poles that are so characteristic of the Westhoek region. If you turn around, you can use the tabletop as a comfortable backrest.

    Warranty: 2 years




    • Durable materials
    • Hopper Picnic has a backrest option
    • Pass through zones allow you to slide in from the sides, without having to lift your leg over the bench.
    • Comes with an optional floor anchoring set
    • Open and close the shade in seconds with roll-up spring mechanism
    • Shade: Flat and low surface

    Materials: Wood, Metal, Polyester (Shade)

    surface materials

    This product is available in the following surface materials:

    • Tabletop + Bench: Iroko hardwood or Hellwood
    • Frame: Galvanised steel or structured powder-coated aluminium
    • Legs: Galvanised Steel, White (RAL9016), Black (RAL9005), Earth
    • Shade: White or Grey taupe high-tech polyester; stainless steel poles




    This product is available in the following regions:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Mexico

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    Hopper tableOpen image tooltip

    Hopper Picnic Table

    Overall Dimensions: 
    4-Person: 29.13″ H x 64.17″ W x 70.08″ L
    6-Person: 29.13″ H x 64.17″ W x 93.7″ L
    8-Person: 29.13″ H x 64.17″ W x 117.32″ L
    10-Person: 29.13″ H x 64.17″ W x 140.94″ L

    Dealer Reference Numbers: AXTMHOPPER1800, AXTMHOPPER2400, AXTMHOPPER3000, AXTMHOPPER3600

    Extremis Hopper BenchOpen image tooltip

    Hopper Bench

    Overall Dimensions: 29.13″ H x 48.82″ W x 93.7″ or 117.32″ L

    Dealer Reference Numbers: AXTMHOPBENCH300, AXTMHOPBENCH240

    Extremis Hopper ShadeOpen image tooltip

    Hopper Shade

    Overall Dimensions:
    6-Person: 83.07″ H x 105.51″ W x 94.88″ L
    8-Person: 83.07″ H x 105.51″ W x 118.5″ L
    10-Person: 83.07″ H x 105.51″ W x 148.03″ L

    Dealer Reference Numbers: AXTMHOPSHADE240, AXTMHOPSHADE300, AXTMHOPSHADE360