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Sticks Divider

by Extremis

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    A rectangular base or another curved base is the perfect combination for a curved Sticks base. When combined this way, there are all manner of patterns you can create. For instance, a straight line, an angle, a wavy line, a semicircle or even a full circle. You need twenty four curved bases to make a full circle with a diameter of four metres using this wide curved base.





    Sticks from Extremis is a space divider is ideal for creating privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces. Extremis devised the Sticks space divider in their search for a multiuse screen divider that can be used outdoors, as it is not blown over too quickly by the wind.

    Overall Dimensions:
    11.81″ L x 48.03″ H x 11.81″ W
    11.81″ L x 59.84″ H x 11.81″ W
    11.81″ L x 71.65″ H x 11.81″ W
    11.81″ L x 83.46″ H x 11.81″ W

    19.69″ L x 48.03″ H x 9.84″ W
    19.69″ L x 59.84″ H x 9.84″ W
    19.69″ L x 71.65″ H x 9.84″ W

    Warranty: 2 years




    • Square or curved bases
    • Optional light available
    • Usable anywhere: indoors, outdoors, lofts, offices, showrooms, museums, restaurants, hotel lobbies, terraces...
    • Can use the square base as a corner piece to connect two perpendicular rows of sticks
    • Range of wooden bases for indoor use and rubber bases for both indoors and outdoors.
    • Rods are available in four different lengths and colors.

    Materials: Metal, Rubber, Rubberwood, Fibreglass

    Dealer Reference Numbers:
    Steelcase + Manufacturer Style Numbers: AXTMSTCKSHPCRV, AXTMSTCK50X25, AXTMSTCK30X30, AXTMSTCKWIDCRV, AXTMSTCK60X30

    surface materials

    This product is available in the following surface materials:


    • White
    • Black
    • Green
    • Wood colour


    • Rubber
    • Natural Rubberwood
    • Dark Rubberwood




    This product is available in the following regions:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Mexico

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