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Steelcase Relay Modular Power System 

by Steelcase

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    Steelcase Relay Modular Power System is the power you need in a smart, adaptable package. Equipped with a disconnect button to make reconfiguration fast and easy, this powerful solution relays power to where you need it most.

    Steelcase Relay Modular Power System

    Reconfigure Again and Again

    Spark connectivity in your collaborative spaces with Steelcase Relay Modular Power System. This versatile system uses one infeed to distribute power to up to eight powerstrips, making outlets, USB-A and USB-C ports easily accessible when and where you need them. Disconnect with the press of a button and reconfigure your fixed-height tables in endless combinations.

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    Many Ways to Plug and Play

    Steelcase Relay Modular Power System makes it easy to power your existing learning and training tables by offering convenient options for getting connected. Power your spaces your way with a variety of options to fit your needs and style. Retrofit existing tables with openings for pop up or flush powerstrips, or connect the c-clamp or front-edge mounts using screws to get connected in a snap.


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