Hubble Bubble 

by Moooi

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    Hubble Bubble, designed by Marcel Wanders, takes you back to the freedom of blowing bubbles and running barefoot in the open air. Evoke a moment in which a frisky spirit is set free, only to find its way back home with an everlasting memory. These recollections are symbolized in each element of the Hubble Bubble. The glass bubbles are available in oil-iridescent and frosted versions and the Hubble Bubble can be hung both horizontally and vertically.

    Powered through Electrosandwich® by Marcel Wanders (a technique of coating conductive layers, very thin and delicate) enables the LEDs to draw low voltage current from the frame. This design would not be possible with normal wires.

    Materials: Metal frame, polycarbonate light guides and glass bulbs


    • Can be hung both horizontally and vertically
    • Installation required
    • Light source type: LED, included
    • Dimmable
    • Shape: Oval
    • Input voltage: 110-130V
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Lamp holder type: LED (Solid state)
    • Lifetime: 50000 hours
    • Colour temperature 2700K
    • Light direction: All directions


    Glass Bubbles

    • Oil-iridescent
    • Frosted


    • Black


    • Transparent with tinned cores
    Hubble BubbleOpen image tooltip

    Hubble Bubble 11

    • Number of light source: 11
    • Power consumption: MAX 20 W
    • Power consumption: 17
    • Light output: 530 Lumen
    • Efficiency: 26.5

    Dimensions: 39″ W x 40.2″H x 3.9″D
    Cable Length: 98.4″

    Hubble BubbleOpen image tooltip

    Hubble Bubble 7

    • Number of light source: 7
    • Power consumption: MAX 10 W
    • Power consumption: 7
    • Light output: 306 Lumen
    • Efficiency: 30.6

    Dimensions: 28.7″ W x 28″H x 3.9″ D
    Cable Length: 98.4″