• Steelcase


    The dash and dash mini LED task lights feature clean lines, fluid movement and a timeless aesthetic. dash is available with a Passive Infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, which turns the light off when it’s not in use.

  • Steelcase

    West Elm Work Linear Wood LED Task Light

    The slim frame of the west elm Work Linear Wood LED Task Light brightens any workspace with a long-lasting LED light and built-in USB port.

  • Steelcase


    Out of the way, yet always where you need it - the SOTO LED Task Light is the perfect companion for just about any sized work area.

  • Blu Dot

    Blu Dot is a Minneapolis-based designer and maker of modern furnishings, spanning multiple home and office categories. Blu Dot's full product portfolio is available through the Steelcase partnership. Products are available in the U.S. and Canada.

  • FLOS

    FLOS is a global leader in lighting design founded in Italy in 1962. Select FLOS products are available through the Steelcase partnership. Products are available in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Steelcase

    LED Personal Task Light

    The LED personal task light uses just 14 watts of energy.

  • Turnstone

    Campfire Big Lamp

    Campfire Big Lamp by turnstone creates a warm, welcoming, space-defining canopy for any space.

  • Steelcase

    LED Linear Desktop

    Classic design and modern functions - the LED Linear Desktop personal task light combines energy-efficiency and touch-sensitive LED technology.

  • Steelcase

    LED Linear Shelf

    A lighting solution for the unique needs of linear shelving surfaces and for underneath overhead storage, the LED Linear Shelf light combines high-quality illumination and energy-efficient LED technology into one versatile design.

  • Steelcase

    LED Radial Desktop

    Visual comfort and control in one attractive task light. Dimmable with a soft blended light pattern and fully articulated body, LED Radial Desktop provides precisely positioned light.

  • Steelcase

    Shelf Lights

    Give users greater control of their workspace with performance-enhancing, energy-smart shelf lighting from Steelcase.

  • Steelcase

    LED Shelf Light

    The LED Shelf Light is our most efficient shelf light, using half the energy of our traditional T8 shelf lights.