Being outdoors with access to fresh air is not just good for our state of mind. Leveraging social, collaborative and personal outdoor spaces provides even greater choice for safer work environments.

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An outdoor oasis that supports users looking for a change of scenery and connection with nature. It provides a place for respite, socialization and connection with peers. Work tools like carts with markerboards can be used outside temporarily to support casual collaboration.

Design Considerations:

Individual seats allow users to safely distance as needed, while umbrellas can help with shading, wayfinding and grounding the setting

Mobile work tools allow users to bring collaboration outside and back in when they’re finished

Social Lounge

A relaxed outdoor social setting that is ideal for building connections with colleagues and catching up on emails in a more laid-back setting. The overall environment provides adequate physical distancing and circulation. Varied postures give users choice of how they prefer to connect with others.

Design Considerations:

Casual lounge settings can create a feeling of inclusion and trust amongst colleagues

A canopy created with an umbrella can define space and provide a larger shaded zone

Work Café

A variety of postures from lounge to standing height extends user choice and control to the outdoors. Connect with a co-worker or enjoy a moment of respite while enjoying the fresh air and a change a pace.

Design Considerations:

Boundary elements can be moved if needed to provide privacy and enable safe distancing

Umbrellas provide relief from the elements for physical comfort and shade screens on personal devices for better viewing


An outdoor social space that can accommodate a range of group sizes and activities – from a single individual up to four people within each setting. Perfect for dining, a moment to refresh, connecting with colleagues, individual work or informal collaboration – all with access to fresh air. Screens and biophilic elements create soft visual boundaries. Tools for collaboration are readily available.

Design Considerations:

Collaborative tools can make outdoor spaces work harder and double as space division

Staggered seating at shared tables provide the recommended distance between users and eliminates face-to-face orientation

Architectural screening elements shield users and define individual spaces

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Tables

Outdoor Accessories

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Taking the Office Outside

Outdoor working is in high demand as employees begin returning to the office. As improved ventilation becomes a key strategy for mitigating COVID-19 transmission, outdoor work areas offer a way for people to have the human interactions they crave to be productive.

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