The touch down hub is the place that tends to bring the people together and support the surrounding enclaves, the place to meet up before or after a meeting. Placing Work Valet in the center of a space like this gives users a place to park their laptops without needing to go to their main locker. On the other hand, providing open cubbies enhances the space performance for you can place additional work tools to support the space. Adding in the planter brings in biophilia to the space while also provides a division in the work surface and its different functions (hosting, placing flex mobile battery, etc.). The Bolia orb pendant helps ground the space of the storage island. Flex Active Frames on the side provide visible storage to personalize the space and a monitor to support the meeting hub area.​

Products WorkValet™, Season, Copa, Steelcase Flex Active Frames, Potrero415, Orb Series
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