Create a sense of belonging in this relaxed lounge space where people can connect in-person or step away for some focus time. Integrated worksurfaces and on-demand power provide people with the tools to collaborate spontaneously. Boundary elements such as the Overhead Tent and Steelcase Flex Media Cart create visual privacy in an open space. The Pod Tent – along with an ergonomic set-up featuring the Please Air chair and a Lares desk – creates a private setting for those who wish to focus.

Footprint: 12 m2

Products Overhead Tent, Pod Tent, Fuuga Nesting Armchair, Steelcase Eclipse Light, Story Series, Lares, Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, Please, Truchet Acoustic Tiles, Caisa Sofa, Steelcase Flex Carts, Lagunitas Personal Table
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