This casual Corporate Learning space provides maximum flexibility in the open plan. Lares Mobile Tables can be shifted throughout the space and allow users to collaborate + learn in a variety of postures and configurations.  Here, Lares Mobile configures into small groups to share ideas, or in a standing position while meeting with remote peers and generating new content. Access to power in the Lares Mobile top and wire management down the leg of the table support personal devices, while smooth, rounded tabletop edges and modesty panels are details that support personal comfort.  Flex Active Frames provides a static physical and visual boundary from adjacent spaces and passers-by, while Flex elements such as the Board Cart and Freestanding Screens can provide flexible boundary to the space.

Footprint: 50 m2

Products Steelcase Flex Media Cart, Steelcase Flex Perch, Lares, Steelcase Flex Active Frames, Steelcase Series 2, Steelcase Flex Accessories, Steelcase Flex Whiteboard Solutions
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