With an increasing need to host and create an online lesson, we explored in our concept 2 solutions for teachers that need an acoustically protected environment that allows them to record high-quality lessons, as well as to conduct virtual lessons from distance. On the left side, the teacher is seated or standing at his laptop and is sharing content through his laptop, as well as by taking notes on an opposite whiteboard. Having 2 cameras would allow one to focus on the whiteboard while the other focuses on the teacher. The teacher sees the students on one screen and his content on the second one. In the solution on the right side, the teacher is seated opposite an interactive Surface Hub from Microsoft. With integrated cameras, a microphone, and a whiteboard, the teacher can present while seated or standing next to the screen and can make notes directly on the Surface Hub. ​The space outside the recording studios is intended either for content preparation or silent online learning. With height adjustable and mobile desks, the users can choose their preferred position and posture, as well as the level of privacy. The Planter from Orangebox provides a green barrier for visual, acoustic, and psychological safety purposes.

Footprint: 44 m2

Products Woods Mobile Planter, Alp Dining Bench, Air³, cobi, Think, TouchDown
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