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Developing a Culture Blueprint

Just as many other companies have relied on Steelcase’s Applied Research and Consulting (ARC) services to propel their change efforts, Steelcase leaders enlisted ARC’s expertise and assistance to help plan the new LINC.

The explorations uncovered some important opportunities. “We learned that EMEA employees recognized the value of collaboration. They were spending about half of their time working with others, including a significant amount of time in virtual collaboration,” reports Annemieke Garskamp, part of the ARC consulting team. “But they also wanted to work more creatively and be more empowered to make decisions, execute on ideas and take action more quickly.”

The ARCs engaged with the employees from all disciplines from both the Rosenheim and Strasbourg locations, diagnosing their current work experiences through the lenses of space, culture and technology. Activities included:

In-depth culture assessment

Workplace surveys

Space use analytics

On-site observations

As part of the ARC process, employees were invited to actively co-create their ideal work experiences. In small-group workshops, they explored how their individual needs related to corporate priorities and how the organization could evolve to close gaps. These experiences primed employees’ readiness for change.

According to Garskamp, most workshop participants left with a new, optimistic attitude of “let’s do this, let’s change together.”

To learn more about the making of the LINC read Creating the Link Between Learning and Innovation.

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