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Truchet Acoustic Tiles 

by Steelcase

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    Perfect for the modern office, Truchet Acoustic Tiles let you craft your office acoustics and design to suit a variety of needs.


    Steelcase’s Truchet Acoustic Tiles are inspired by the work of French priest and mathematician Sebastien Truchet.

    They effortlessly improve the poor room acoustics faced by many modern offices. And they ensure that workers can be productive and stress-free.

    They combine flawless performance with impeccable design. They are the perfect acoustic solution for modern open-plan offices and can be used in different settings:

    • Wall-mounted
    • Horizontally hanging from the ceiling
    • Vertically hanging from the ceiling


    Acoustic Performance

    Truchet Acoustic Tiles have been tested according to ISO354. With a αw coefficient of 0.90, they are rated Class A, as per ISO 11654. This means that they absorb an average of 90% of all soundwaves, including low, medium and high frequencies.


    Truchet Acoustic Tiles are versatile sound-absorbing panels. They combine design and performance. Unlike conventional sound-absorbers, they allow users to create different custom textures and patterns to cover a limitless variety of spaces.

    Truchet Acoustic tiles are as attractive and playful as they are effective. They offer 5 different tile shapes that allow for an infinite number of possible designs, and lots of colors to choose from.

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    Standard + Optional Features
    Global Availability

    Standard + Optional Features

    Standard + Optional Features

    Surface Materials

    Fabrics: Hush


    540 mm x 540 mm
    Height: 65 mm

    Global Availability

    Global Availability


    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa

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