Steelcase leadership on stage at the 9th Global Drucker Forum

Senior VP Guillaume Alvarez speaks about the roles authenticity and transparency play in leadership.


MUNICH, November 17, 2017 – Steelcase Senior VP Guillaume Alvarez took the stage today to speak about leadership principles at the 9th Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna. Bringing together some of the world’s brightest leaders, this year’s conference focuses on management challenges at a time when organizations worldwide are struggling to grow in a disruptive environment.

“To have an agile organization, leaders need to be authentic and earn the trust of their employees. This is the only way to encourage the risk-taking mentality required for innovation and creativity,” says Guillaume Alvarez, Steelcase’s Senior Vice President in EMEA. “Leaders need to shift away from being the top decision-makers in corner offices, to becoming curators of culture.”

Too often, space – such as the isolated top-floor, corner office – paints leaders as inaccessible and inflicts unwanted formality between them and their teams. In a discussion on “The New Challenge to Enterprise Leaders,” Guillaume Alvarez spoke about the importance of authenticity and transparency in leadership and how space can help achieve that.

At Steelcase’s new Learning + Innovation Center in Munich, the Leadership Community is strategically located on the first floor, a space where employees, clients and visitors constantly pass through during the day. By breaking down traditional physical barriers, Steelcase is fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit – all key components in creating better business results.

This is the third partnership for Steelcase and the renowned management conference. As part of the partnership, Steelcase equipped the conference stage and meeting areas with Coalesse and Steelcase furniture.