Share It Collection: Bringing the Benefits of the Private Office to the Open Plan

Share It Collection is now available in EMEA. The diverse collection of desks and storage elements can be combined in a variety of ways to create smart work environments for the way people work today.

“Share It Collection balances the benefits of the private office with the open plan and helps organisations create spaces for both individual and teamwork. Wellbeing, interaction, collaboration and concentration are equally supported by this collection”, says Alessandro Centrone, Vice President Marketing, EMEA at Steelcase.



Rethinking the Open Plan

The transformation of the world of work significantly changed our work environments. With an increased need for collaboration, creativity and teamwork, open plan offices became a popular alternative to the traditional private office. However, workers report having difficulties focusing in these open space offices. The solution for this unsatisfactory situation isn’t bringing back walls and doors, but combining both open and private spaces. Share It Collection allows organisations to create this balance by structuring the open plan, shielding workers from external stress factors and creating privacy.

Share It Workstations and Share It Collaborative Elements

The collection’s core elements consist of two essentials: storage units and desks. The storage elements and cabinets – that can also be used as seats, acoustical shields or whiteboards – can be combined with fixed-height or height-adjustable desks in various sizes and forms. The elements fit perfectly into the rest of the work environment, structure the space and, thanks to the acoustical properties, create an enjoyable working atmosphere.

Share It Workstations are single workstations that can be designed uniquely based on the user’s respective needs. Panels offer privacy for focused work, storage elements space for personal things and writable surfaces create spaces for spontaneous interaction at the workplace.

Collaborative Elements such as storage units, tables and lounge seating are the binding components of the collection. They create destinations in the open plan by defining the space so that teams can get creative and create together. Depending on the configuration, whiteboards or screens support the collaboration.


Share It Collection is now available across the UK. Interested customers can buy the collection through Steelcase’s dealer network.

More information can be found on the product page.