Five Lessons Corporates can learn from the Start-Up Culture

London, UK: 3 June 2018, Steelcase, when developing its latest modular office desking system Bivi, researched start-up businesses to see how people behaved differently to their peers in corporate organisations. Steelcase’s research of 500+ people working in businesses of no more than 100 people, found that 90% identified culture as fundamental to their success. 80% believed that their physical environment played a role in fostering culture. 32% of Gen Y employees want to work in lounge position.

Steelcase found a number of common areas that set start-ups apart and which could help all organisations become more entrepreneurial. The research identified five key behaviours to encourage:

  • Culture was the strongest common factor. Creating an environment that fosters energy, freedom and transparency helps people be more carefree and open-minded. In turn this helps new thinking.
  • Focus on problem solving. Start-ups are all about finding a solution to an issue or a need. But don’t just work on one or two problems, find a way to work through a host of problems and have different teams that think widely or deeply.
  • Have small, tight teams that are given permission to think differently and be disruptive.
  • As a leader realise that growth should not stop you being entrepreneurial. Don’t let policies and procedures get in the way of your remit. And keep reminding yourself of your founding principles.
  • And think about your space. Varied environments and tools are needed to help people work differently from collaborative to deep thinking, you need a vibrant space and flexible furniture that facilitates different tasks.


Inspired by small start-ups

Steelcase’s new Bivi range is designed for those wanting to keep their start-up mentality going. Its modular system allows the users the freedom to sit, stand or lounge!

To learn more visit the Bivi product page on our homepage.