Steelcase Surfaces 

Innovative, sustainable materials designed by Steelcase. This collection offers an abundance of choices that are easy to coordinate and use. 

New to Steelcase Surfaces

Texel + Imperma

Beautiful and durable, Texel and Imperma are made using solution dyed recycled nylon, allowing them to have high performing capabilities in any environment. Their timeless pattern and color palette were designed to coordinate with one another, allowing for a cohesive blending experience.

​Texel and Imperma​ have been engineered for the harshest of environments​ and ​as a result, boast superior abrasion resistance, meet or exceed ACT performance guidelines, and are easily maintained. Visit the Finish Library to view the full offering of colors available within each pattern.

Redeem + Retrieve

We’ve taken the process of recycling textiles even farther. The collaboration of efforts in the manufacturing process, implemented by Designtex last year, is the first of its kind in the office furniture industry. The process utilizes a system that begins with scrap fabric originating from a Steelcase manufacturing facility.  This fabric is recycled into yarn that is then woven into new textiles – Redeem and Retrieve. Learn more about the innovative process through this video:

Watch the Redeem+Retrieve video

Redeem is available in 17 colors and Retrieve is available in 15 colors. Visit the Finish Library to view the full offering of colors available within each pattern.

Beautiful and Sustainable, Redeem and Retrieve are not only created from recycled content, but designed and manufactured for future recycling.

Global Palette

Introducing the surface materials Global Palette.  The Global Palette allows companies to create a consistent aesthetic in workspaces throughout the world, even when furniture selection varies from region to region.  Intentionally selected to complement one another, the textiles, paints, laminates and melamine in the Global Palette make global consistency easy.  To find out more, visit