Supplier Qualification, Selection, and Management 

Getting to know each other 

Supplier Qualification

Our goal is to develop and maintain a robust supply base of Qualified Suppliers aimed at providing lowest total costs and exceeding our customer expectations. Our qualification process is designed to gradually share information about each other, so we can each make clear decisions whether or not to continue the process. Our objective is to qualify suppliers with the best capability match to our business needs. 

Qualified Suppliers must successfully complete a process and fulfill agreed upon requirements. Our qualification process includes research, evaluation, agreement, as well as ongoing monitoring and measurement.

Our Qualification Leaders develop a candidate supplier list from various sources, including our database of potential material and service providers.

The database is populated by inputs from our global Supplier Questionnaire. This is our invitation to you to tell us about your company whether you are based in New York or New Delhi. Suppliers providing logistics services like Full Truckload, Less than Truckload, Brokerage, and Warehousing should complete the Logistics Supplier Questionnaire. All other suppliers should complete the Supplier Questionnaire.

We also use the Supplier Questionnaire as part of our request for information (RFI) phase of the approval process. Prior to providing you access to Steelcase Engineering Specifications you will be required to sign a confidential disclosure agreement.

Steelcase and the supplier agree to certain terms and conditions of our Global Master Agreements. We have several types of agreements based on what is being purchased.  The Master Agreement describes the general terms and conditions governing any purchase of product, material, service, or equipment by Steelcase from a supplier.

Qualified suppliers have appropriately demonstrated documented and implemented primary business processes and any special processes (welding, coating or adhesives).

Supplier Selection

A supplier is selected from our qualified suppliers. We award business based on the supplier’s ability to meet specific requirements of a Schedule Agreement that includes line items such as quality, reliability, total delivered cost to point of use, environmental impact, etc.

Supplier Management

We manage our suppliers with our customers in mind. We monitor our suppliers' performance to ensure the products and services they provide meet or exceed the agreed upon terms and conditions.