The new Virtual PUCK allows meeting participants to share content wirelessly from a laptop, maintaining the simple “Open. Connect. Share.” experience of media:scape. The app seamlessly integrates with a media:scape setting, enabling information-sharing from any participant, anywhere in the room, with a simple click of an icon or touch of a physical puck.

Step 1: Download and install Virtual PUCK application on your Windows or Mac laptop
Step 2: Find a media:scape Virtual PUCK system in your facility
Step 3: Use your Virtual PUCK application to connect and wirelessly share content with your colleagues

Virtual PUCK Software – PC
Virtual PUCK Software – Mac

For more information on the media:scape Virtual PUCK system visit the media:scape product detail page.

If you are having trouble downloading, installing, or operating the Virtual PUCK client application, contact your local IT person. You may also contact Steelcase Tech Support.