Terms and Conditions for Registrant to the Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop

  1. Steelcase Inc. (“Steelcase”) shall have no obligations, including confidentiality and non-use obligations, on information disclosed or received from a Registrant (“Registrant”) in relation to a submission to participate in this Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop.
  2. Steelcase may use (including maintain, copy/reproduce, disclose or provide to any third parties, disposal, hereinafter collectively “Use”) the Information from the registrant. The Registrant hereby represents and warrants that it has a right and authorization to apply for the Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop and to accept these terms and conditions, and that Registrant’s disclosure of information to Steelcase, and Steelcase’s Use of the information shall not infringe any intellectual property rights and any other rights of any third parties, including Registrant’s current or former employers or organizations.
  3. The Registrant hereby represents and warrants that, to the Registrant’s knowledge at the time of the Registrant’s disclosure of any information to Steelcase the information provided correctly reflects relevant facts, and there is no false statement or error in the information provided.
  4. Steelcase agrees to comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information and to use personal information received from the Registrant in relation to the application, such as Registrant’s name and address, solely for Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop and its business purposes in relation thereto.
  5. The Registrant agrees that any and all communication regarding Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop shall be made to the Social Innovations Team at impact@steelcase.com.
  6. If selected, Steelcase may use images and information shared by or taken of Registrant during the Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop for any purpose in connection with promoting Steelcase Social Innovation and its activities, which may include advertising, promotion, marketing before, during, or after the program.
  7. When participating in Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop, Registrant agrees that the purpose will be to apply the Open Innovation Methodology that requires open sharing of ideas or suggestions among Registrant, Steelcase and other participants. Registrant further agrees that Steelcase and other participants may use any ideas or suggestions made during the Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop without further obligation to Registrant.
  8. Registrant agrees that if selected, he or she shall not share any confidential information with Steelcase or other participants that may infringe any intellectual property rights and any other rights of any third parties, either during the course of the Workshop or during the Demo Day Presentation if Registrant elects to participate.
  9. Registrant agrees to comply with relevant laws and regulations relevant to the country or countries in which they reside.
  10. Applicant agrees to act in accordance with the Steelcase Core Values (i.e., act with integrity, tell the truth, keep commitments, treat people with dignity and respect, promote positive relationships, protect the environment, excel) in the manner in which they engage and participate with others in the Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop.
  11. If the Registrant does not comply with the Steelcase Core Values at any point during his or her participation with the Steelcase Open Innovation Workshop, Steelcase has the authority to remove the Registrant from further programming and disallow further consideration in the Fellowship Program.
  12. If Registrant chooses to participate in the Demo Day Presentation, Registrant agrees to be bound by all the prior terms and conditions related to the sharing and use of ideas by participants. Steelcase may reference and use Registrant’s presentations, for promotion or for any relevant future work associated with Steelcase business activities.
  13. The Terms and Conditions contain the entire agreement between the Registrant and Steelcase with respect to Steelcase Open Innovations Workshop.