In this type of setting, smaller ‘neighborhoods’ have been designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Smaller areas within a large environment provide inviting settings that support different types of activities and various sizes of users of varying ages. Interactive elements have been placed throughout to encourage curiosity through play while waiting. Power access and technology have also been incorporated to support productivity.

Products in this application:

Steelcase Health Embold Steelcase Health Regard Steelcase Health Empath Steelcase Bivi Depot Steelcase Brody Footrest Steelcase Turnstone Alight Steelcase Turnstone Bassline Table Steelcase Campfire Big Table Steelcase Campfire Paper Table Smith System Interchange Table Smith System Oddle Seating Smith System Groove Chair Smith System Flowform Blu Dot Real Good Barstool Blu Dot Welf Shelf Coalesse Free Stand Table Steelcase Surround Lounge Steelcase Empath Recliner

Foot Print:

4,300 sq ft

Products Turnstone Bivi Depot, Welf Wall Shelf, Real Good Stool, Turnstone Bassline Asymmetrical Tables, Embold Collection, Surround Lounge, Empath, Footrest, Free Stand, Regard, Turnstone Campfire Big Table, Turnstone Campfire Paper Table
Setting Type: