Cascade Tower, Planner Studio Table, Planner Studio Mobile Whiteboard, A3 Ceramicsteel Panel, Scoop Chair, Steelcase Series 1, Bivi, Elective Elements Floating Shelf, Universal Storage Planning Idea
    Cascade Tower​, Planner Studio Table​, Groove Fixed Height Chair​, Planner Studio Mobile Whiteboard​, A3 Ceramicsteel Flow Whiteboard​, Elective Elements Floating Shelf, Turnstone Pouf Planning Idea
    Steelcase Flex Collection, Viccarbe Common Bench, Planner Studio Whiteboard, Planner Studio Table, Bella Mushroom Stool, Node Stool, Potrero415 Table, Scoop Stool, Cascade Tower, Verb Personal Whiteboard, Campfire Big Table Half Depth, A3 Ceramicsteel Panel Planning Idea
    Privacy Wall, A3 Ceramicsteel Flow Whiteboard, A3 Ceramicsteel Motif Panel, Planner Studio Whiteboard, Planner Studio Butcher Block Table, Node Stool X Base, Node Chair X Base, Viccarbe Common Bench, Campfire Big Table Half Depth, Bivi Depot, Elective Elements Floating Shelf, Cascade Tower Planning Idea
    Think Chair, Universal Worksurface Footprint:
    Montara650 Table, Flow A3 panel, Shorcut Stool, Shortcut Chair X Base, Akira table
    Node chair, Scoop stool, Flow A3 panel, Steelcase Flex Collection, Turnstone Buoy, Verb Active Media Table, Verb Chevron Table, Verb Table, Verb Whiteboard, Verb Walltrack, Campfire Lounge Seating, Campfire Skate Table
    Pocket Cart, Cobi Chair, Motif PaA3 panel, Motif Accent Panel, Verb Flip-top Table
    Node Chair, Verb Active Media Table, Verb Whiteboard, Verb Easelx, Verb Wall Track Footprint:
    rendering of a classroom with verb tables, shortcut stools, Motif and Flow boards
    Rendering of a classroom with verb whiteboard, blue node chairs and verb table
    Rendering of a classroom with Node seats, verb table and whiteboard and Sans whiteboard