Steelcase, Await Sofa Coalesse, Bindu Chair Coalesse, Joel Chair Loung Coalesse, Sebastopol Coalesse, Enea Table Conference Steelcase, Soto Accessories Steelcase, Campfire Big Lamp Steelcase, Alight Ottoman Round Coalesse, Massaud Chair Steelcase, Thread Steelcase, Shortcut Chair Steelcase, Bivi Coalesse, Circa Lounge Steelcase, Verdanta Living Wall Steelcase, Campfire Big Table Steelcase, Skate Table
    Planning Idea
    Planning Idea
    Coalesse Lagunitas Lounge​, Coalesse Lagunitas Table​, Polyvision A3 Ceramicsteel Flow Whiteboard​, Campfire Big Table​, Turnstone Shortcut Stool​, West Elm Greenpoint Bookcase​, Flex Markerboard​, Verlay Table​, Orangebox Cubb Chair​, Flex Team Cart​, Bivi Depot​, Coalesse Montara650 Stool​, Coalesse Enea Café Stool​, Flex Board Cart​, Orangebox Avi Chair​, Orangebox Away From The Desk​, Orangebox Sully Stool Planning Idea
    Coalesse Davos Bench​, Campfire Skate Table​, PolyVision Mobile Whiteboard​, Verb Active Media Table​, Steelcase Series 2 Chair​, Flex Work Table​, Blu Dot Welf Large Wall Shelf​, Verge Stool​, PolyVision a3 Ceramicsteel Flow Whiteboard​, Flex Stand with Markerboard​, Pocket Mobile Cart
    Campfire Big Table​, Move Stool​, Verb Team Table​, Node Stool​, Verb Trapezoid Table​, Polyvision A3 Ceramicsteel Flow Whiteboard​, Verb Rectangle Table​, Scoop Stool​, Verb Personal Whiteboard​, Verb Teaching Station​, Verge Stool​, Power Hub Thread Planning Idea
    V.I.A.​, Potrero415 Table​, SILQ Chair​, Coalesse Bob Table​, Orangebox Sully Stool​, Coalesse Enea Café Stool​, media:scape Kiosk Planning Idea
    On white image of a classroom with verb rectangular and personal tables, shortcut chairs, separation screens, thread power hub and flow whiteboards
    high view of a rendering of a small room with verb active media table, elective elements storage, ology desk, steelcase series 1 chair
    rendering of a classroom using verb tables, node chairs, steelcase flex markerboards, buoy seats, ts series storage
    on white image of an education setting with polyvision A3 ceramicsteel whiteboard, Roam Mobile Stand, Orangebox Border, Splash Coat Rack, Turnstone Pouf seat, Shortcut chairs, Verb table, Bivi depot, Cubb stools
    on white image of a setting with Mitchel Gold + Bob Williams Hunter Sofa​, underneath a Eskayel Tesoro rug, Motif whiteboard, Think chair, Hitch bookcase