Waiting Space

In this Behavioral Health waiting space, the environment is clean and well-maintained with views to nature. Patients and family members can choose from a variety of seating arrangements, offering a small amount of choice and control while supporting a variety of ages, sizes, abilities and mobilities.

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Products in this application:

Moduform Chelsea Collection Moduform Bristol Flex Collection Moduform Julia Collection Moduform Emma Collection Moduform ModuMaxx Activity Chair Moduform oduMaxx X-Base Table Steelcase Health Mitra Steelcase Montage Panel Systems Steelcase Universal Storage Steelcase Amia + Amia Air Steelcase Turnstone Jenny Coalesse Circa Lounge System Coalesse Enea Lottus Seating Coalesse Enea Café Tables

Foot Print:

1,100 sq ft

Products Mitra Lounge, Enea Lottus Chair, Enea Tables, Turnstone Jenny, Montage Panel Systems, Amia + Amia Air
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