Inspired by teams using design thinking and agile practices, the Steelcase Flex Collection gives teams the flexibility and control to adapt their space in minutes to support their rapidly-changing activities.

Products in this application:

Steelcase Flex Collection, Steelcase Think Chairs, Steelcase Answer Panel, Blu Dot Punk Table Lamp


197 sq ft

Products Steelcase Flex Collection, Punk Lamp, Think, Answer Panel Systems
Setting Types:
Line Item Specifications

Line Item Specifications

Component Style # Quantity Individual Price Total
Punk Table Lamp BD1PK1TBLAMP
BD1PK1TBLAMP 4 $299.00 $1,196.00
Think;Chair,Uph bk 465A000
465A000 4 $1,338.00 $5,352.00
Flex;Scrn-Crvd FLXCS
FLXCS 4 $596.00 $2,384.00
Flex;Dsk-H adj,Ext hght FLXERQ
FLXERQ 4 $2,751.00 $11,004.00
Flex;Scrn-Frstd,Angld FLXFSAG
FLXFSAG 1 $785.00 $785.00
Flex;Scrn-Frstd,Rect FLXFSRQ
FLXFSRQ 1 $850.00 $850.00
Ped-Slim,Mbl TS2SLIM
TS2SLIM 1 $782.00 $782.00
Frame-Horizontal package, Thin, 30W TS730THF
TS730THF 4 $104.00 $416.00
Panel skin-Hard surface, 36H x 30W TS73630HS
TS73630HS 8 $231.00 $1,848.00
Junction-End of run, Thin, 42H TS742TEPJ
TS742TEPJ 4 $123.00 $492.00
Junction-X, Thin, 42H TS742TXPJ
TS742TXPJ 1 $185.00 $185.00

Note: This specification is for budgetary purposes only. Varying finish grades and options will affect the prices shown. Please see an authorized Steelcase dealer to obtain actual pricing.

  Total Workstation List: $25,294.00