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The Power of Place

Around the world, businesses are struggling with big challenges: how to speed innovation, how to accelerate learning and culture change, how to connect leaders more authentically with each other and other employees, how to be global and local in ways that really matter. The pressing vectors of new technologies and the pace of change only amplify these challenges.

While physical space alone can’t overcome every hurdle an organization faces, it definitely can make a difference in a powerful way. “One thing that I’m convinced about is that companies know they need to change to be able to grow,” says Ludwig. “The old ways of doing things—whether it’s the two-person office in Germany or the universal-planning fields of cubicles in the United States—those things have to change for companies to have a competitive advantage.”

At the newest Steelcase Learning and Innovation Center, new habits are already taking shape. Employees and visitors are discovering the power of connections.

“We wanted a place where people could come together to build trust, collaborate and learn. All of these activities propel new ideas and different ways of thinking to help us grow.”

Jim KeaneSteelcase

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